How to Generate Leads From Your Lock Box Advertising

A good real estate agent, one committed to always building their client list, does not let a branding and advertising opportunity pass them by – ever. So, why is your lock box hanging from the client's front door completely devoid of any mention of you or your business?

Increase Visibility With Box Advertising

Savvy real estate agents are now turning to lock box protective pads and covers that include their business name, phone number, website, and logo as a great passive branding opportunity.

That kind of advertising gets your name out to the homeowner's family and friends, visitors during the open house, other agents, and viewer's of the home. As they reach for the door handle, your business will be front and center.

A padded box cover will also protect your client's door from the banging and scratching caused by a traditional metal box This simple advertising method also shows clients that you respect their property.

Where to Find Box Cover Suppliers

REPS – Real Estate Products and Services

REPS (Real Estate Products and Services) makes a variety of lock box products, including simple door guards with a business card pocket, imprinted pads, and full vinyl-rubber lock box covers. They also specialize in a wide variety of agent merchandise and branding supplies.

WestSky Promotions – Custom Printed Lock Box Pads and Covers

WestSky Promotions make lock box covers that protect your name and brand, while simultaneously safeguarding your box and the client's door. Their products include basic, printed lock box pads and full lock box covers. They average from $ 0.69 to $ 1.39 each depending on how many you order. You can also reach them by phone at 1-800-662-0294.

Sanzo Specialties – Real Estate Supplies

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Sanzo Specialties sells a basic, non-customizable box cover in a variety of bright colors. Unfortunately, you can not imprint the product with your logo. However, they do sell a message tag that's designed to fit over shackle-style boxes and will fit a standard business card. They cost as little as $ 2.95 each.

Get Started Today

There's no reason why you should not be exploiting this prime marketing opportunity right away. If you can not wait for an order of custom-printed covers, try investing in a few business card holder covers until you can begin using the more effective option. Look for every prudent means you have available to keep your name in front of prospective clients.