How To Get A Scorpio Man In Love With You – Relationship Advice For Women

Before you work on getting a Scorpio man to fall in love with you, make sure that you can handle him. Scorpio men are incredibly passionate and they are very jealous. This man is not one that you can toy with and it would be a very foolish idea to try to cheat on him. When he falls in love with you, he will love you with an all-consuming love of body and soul and will be an incredibly loyal, fierce lover. He will take his time falling in love with you, but there are some things you can do to encourage him a bit. Keep in mind that once he falls, he’ll fall hard and fast.

These men want a woman that they can be proud of. A Scorpio man wants a woman who is honest with him and not afraid to challenge him (to a point – he is controlling and will want to keep that control.) Don’t keep secrets from him because he will find out and if he finds out from someone else, don’t be surprised if you lose him. Another thing you should do is be confident. Don’t let other people decide anything for you, because the Scorpio man is sure of himself and never cares about getting anyone’s approval. If he thinks you’re wishy-washy, he’ll find someone else.

One of the biggest things you can do to make a Scorpio man fall in love with you is to admire him. Let him know that you think he’s sexy, clever and any other compliment you can sincerely give him. He’ll know if you are just saying something to make him happy and he will be turned off by that. Don’t play games with him; never try to win him over by making him jealous, because he’ll end things faster than you can blink. Never let him doubt your interest and your loyalty and you’ll have a love that makes you feel safe, secure and will never stray.