How To Pick Up Women In The Supermarket Or Grocery Store

What’s with these crazy guys going to noisy, smoky, expensive clubs filled with loads of other guys all trying to hit on the same few hot girls? Don’t these people know that we are surrounded with women all day long, everywhere we go? Everyone does food shopping, below are the methods you can use to make your routine grocery purchase turn into trip where you pick up more than your dinner:

1. Be the Fun Sociable Guy
The first thing that needs to be mentioned is your mental state. You can’t be “the pickup guy” when you are out shopping, that would be too weird. Your reason for starting conversations with hot women will be that you are a fun sociable guy who talks to lots of people and so talking to her will be natural. Get in this mindset, it’s the best one to have for the day-time.

2. Don’t Focus on the Result, Focus on the Open
Don’t look at every woman and think that you need to get her number, just have the aim to start a conversation and see where it leads. If you are having a nice interaction with a hot woman, taking her number or going for an ‘instant date’ will be natural.

3. Know the Process
The process for a day-time pickup is different to that of a night time one. An important difference is that you cannot be too sexual, it’s out of place and weird. So what do you do? The process is as follows:
1. Be indirect, talk about something situational until she is comfortable and engaged in a 2-way conversation.
2. Find out some personal stuff about her.
3. Get connections.
4. Find a reason to see her again or to hang out.
5. Get the number or go for an instant date (like a coffee).

4. What to Say
Don’t worry, I know everyone reading this wants to ask But what do I say? Here are some openers you can use. You can preface each with “You look like you know your stuff”:
How can you tell when this is ripe?
How would you cook this?
I have a Vegetarian coming round for dinner so can’t cook my famous chicken, what is something I can easily whip up?
Which wine goes with X?
Oh don’t buy that salad, this one is way tastier.
Help me choose, pizza or quiche.”

So now you can go out and meet women in a much easier and more natural environment where you have no competition. You’ll be able to meet nice girls that don’t go to clubs, and you won’t need to buy anyone drinks. You’ll be meeting the real person, without her friends. Good luck!