How to Wear the Perfect Red Satin Dress

Red satin. Few materials are sexier than satin, and red satin…let’s just say that this will be your best red dress yet!

You already know that you want a red satin dress, this though might bring up a couple of questions in your mind.

What type of underwear do I wear underneath the dress?

How do I keep the straps up?

How can I make sure it doesn’t cling to me?

Underwear – If you’re going to wear your best red dress in satin, consider wearing a thong. Thongs work best when you’re going to be wearing a dress with a slight lining, or have a rear end with the exact shape and life that you’re looking for. Remember, satin is not a forgiving fabric!

Underwear – Another alternative is to wear a body shaper that will redefine your curves, without showing lines. This also work nicely if you’re looking to loose a couple of pounds or turn your banana or tube shape into an hourglass. Make sure you choose one that will fit you comfortably without being too snug or too loose, as that would create lines or dents that show underneath your clothes and defeat the purpose of the body shaper.

Underwear – Of course there’s what the guys call ‘commando’, which is simply wearing nothing at all. This option works if you won’t be doing a whole lot of dancing and sweating in shall we say…lower regions of the body, which could cause oddly placed sweat marks.

Bra – Depending on the type of bra (if any) that you decide to wear underneath your dress, a few well placed stitches firmly sewing the bra to the lining of the dress strap, can make dancing the night away nothing to be concerned about.

Bra – If you’re going with a strapless style of red dress, consider double stick or fashion tape.

Cling – The dreaded cling factor of satin. A simple solution is using a metal hangar, if you brush it over your red satin dress it should help to discharge electricity.

Cling – You can use a similar technique with dryer sheets, the same kind you would use for your laundry. Run the dryer sheets down over your dress. It’s best done before you put it on, but will work just as well, if you need to do it while wearing it. Sprays like Static Guard can work wonders.

Wearing your best black, white or red or any color satin dress, doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Those few household items can help you have the best night of your life!