Humorous Book Review – A Must Read

Have you ever asked yourself; What Happened to Common Sense? Well, you are certainly not alone, we all wonder what folks were thinking when they do stupid things and we are also often flabbergasted when our elected leaders make such ignorant or unethical decisions. Sometimes a bit of humor is the best way to address such hypocrisy, ignorance and stupidity. Something we can laugh at, perhaps to keep all the sound, fury and drama from making us cry due to the serious nature of all the issues.

It is for this reason that, I appreciate a humor book now and again, books like the Dilbert Series, and similar works. One great book I have recently read on this topic of common sense and one that I would definitely recommend to you if you feel the same as I do on this topic is;

“Gump’ism; The Wit and Wisdom of Forest Gump” by Winston Groom; Pocket Books, New York, 1994.

One wonderful quote in this book and mind you it is full of great quotes, so it is hard to pull just a single on out, but one I enjoyed was:

Don’t ever pick a fight with someone who is really ugly-looking!”

Decent advice, common sense, good idea; of course, as someone who is really ugly has nothing to lose and you perhaps do. And someone who is willing to fight and is ugly has probably been in many more fights than you and has better experience too. You see, it is just plain common sense and this book has nearly 90-pages of common sense quotes just like this one.