Investing in Pedasi Panama

Beautiful, virgin nature… wild life… beaches… the rolling hills with extraordinary ocean views and an unspoken uniqueness is what brings investors to Pedasi.

Many real estate professionals are betting that the town of Pedasi and its surrounding beaches will become one of Central America´s hottest real estate markets. This, due to its variety of unspoiled surfing beaches, excellent fishing, great coastal roads, infrastructure, its clean historic town, the ideal topography for development, and excellent warm, dry weather.

Besides that, Pedasi is well known for the continental shelf that results in a marine ecosystem that makes it an excellent place to find both humpback whales and dolphins from July to October. Also to be found are five species of sea turtles that come here every year between August and October to lay their eggs. There are only five places in the world where turtles come in such numbers.

Pedasi is becoming the fastest growing real estate investment opportunity in Panama. It is still undervalued, but property values have tripled in the last year. From an investment point of view, Pedasi is an excellent place to be as you can still buy for incredibly low prices. However, increasing land prices are coming as developers are becoming aware of the unique gifts the area has to offer.

Groups of investors have been buying large lots. They divide them and resell them to others who are interested in selling them, or just buy for themselves.

Lately, you can see the people who were farmers not so long ago, start residential and tourist development projects – for example in the Playa Venado.

There are over 20 large projects currently under construction in the Azuero Peninsula… projects ranging from hotels and resorts, to housing and tourism developments. One of the largest developments in Pedasi is by the French architect Gilles Saint-Gilles, who built his luxury hotel on 24 hectares of land. The result is Villa Camilla, which has become a secret getaway for the rich and famous such as Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, Mick Jagger, Tom Cruise, Eddy Murphy, Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan and many others. Also, baseball player Olmedo Saez, surfer Pucha Garcia, Prince Maximilian von Liechtenstein and the American industrialist Paul Stelin have fallen in love with the breathtaking Azuero coastline and have already bought property in Pedasi.

On another 357-hectare property, Gilles is now constructing villas, ocean lofts, a small commercial center and a nature reserve.

Pedasi has an airport that offers regular flights to and from Panama City, with connections to several other cities within the Azuero Peninsula. It is even possible to get there by private plane within only 30 minutes from Panama City. By car, it´s about a 4-hour ride.

The Azuero Peninsula is filled with charm and natural beauty. It´s a dream destination and an ideal investment opportunity for a beach home. With so many varieties of property, it´s an adventurer´s and a beach lover´s paradise. An incredible investment opportunity where the possibilities are endless!

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