Is The Book “Network Marketing For Dummies” Actually worth The Price You Pay For It?

There is a very popular book titled “Network Marketing For Dummies” which is part of the “For Dummies” series of books.  This book is designed to be a step by step guide for people that want to build a business in the network marketing industry.  There is just one problem with this book, it teaches old school methods for building an MLM business.

See, there have now become 2 methods of building an MLM business.  One is this old school method where people are taught to write a list of all of their friends and family members, call them up, and see who is interested in joining them in business.  Then when they run out of people to talk to, they are taught to go to business clubs and meet people in malls to get new prospects.

The second method is more of a new age way of building a network marketing business.  In the new age people are taught how to go out and actually market their business using proven marketing tactics that can be tested and refined to give the best results possible.  Here people are taught how to have people come to them wanting to join you in your business. 

Nether method is right or wrong, it’s just 2 different ways.  The old school method works really well for people that have large lists of people that they know or are very outgoing people that easily start up conversations with people in grocery store lines.  The new age method tends to work better for people that are want results quickly and want to build a real business, not just being a rep for some mlm company. 

So the teachings in the book “Network Marketing For Dummies” is not wrong, it’s just an old outdated method for building a network marketing business.