Laughter – The Addiction That Heals

Days are never good or bad. It is us who make them so. How, you ask? Well, life is what you make it to be – you choose to be grim and you get a serious life full of frowns and worries; and you choose to be jolly, you get a great day. True, life is made enjoyable simply by flexing a few muscles – by smiling and laughing! And it takes nothing to laugh your heart out and roll on the floor, holding your sides. All you need is the urge to be happy and make others happy along with you.

The sad part is, in the rat race of life, laughter dies a slow death until we get that red alert from within to smile, grin, laugh, and giggle and stay merry always. Imagine how playfully worriless and happy a little child is. That child in us only goes undercover as we grow old. And we forget to take time out to laugh. But if you can win over the day’s stress and troubles for once, and start encouraging laughter, you will know for yourself how good you feel. Laughter has been medically proven to be extremely effective in driving away depression and bringing back the mental equilibrium.

The good part is that laughter is addictive. The more you laugh and make others laugh, the more reasons you find to enjoy life. Suppose you get up in the morning and say to yourself that you will never fret in the day. At day-end, if you could really achieve that, you’d know you’ve laughed at least 20 times more than an ordinary day and seen happier faces around. Also, you’re a step closer to leading a less diseased life, free from everyday worries, stress and physical disorders. That’s the healing power of laughter–more commonly known as the laughter therapy.

Now to exercise this healer everyday in your life, you got to do very little. Start with your immediate surroundings–be it home or your workplace. Share light-hearted jokes and brighten up your days. Stay away from grumpy people and all forms of negativity. Be positive in what you do. Check out funny stuff like jokes and gags over the Internet or download funny videos to share with friends and colleagues. To liven up your life, you may also watch funny sitcoms, comedy movies or read humorous books. Spend more time with high-spirited people and distress yourself. This would help you smile freely.

Fact is, the more seriously you pump in the laughter drug in your veins, the less serious and stressful you’ll find life. Believe it or not, laughter is the only thing worth being addicted to, for it heals like no other medicines!