Law of Attraction Money Secrets – Allow and Enjoy

Is the law of attraction working for you, bringing abundance, prosperity and joy into your life? If it isn’t, here are two secrets which will help you to manifest the money you want.

Allowing the Law of Attraction to Work for You

“Allowing” is one of the primary secrets of law of attraction success. You must allow what you want to manifest for yourself and your loved ones. Many people can manifest their desires, but they’re blocked when it comes to manifesting money.

You can allow money into your life.

Let’s see how this works in an example. Imagine that you need $10,000 within a month. You must have this money. If you don’t get it, there will be dire consequences. Since the law of attraction delivers money to you if you already believe you have it, your only goal is to give thanks for the money which is yours already.

You just allow the money.

Does that sound too simple? It will, if you have limiting thoughts about money and the ease or difficulty with which it flows into your life. This is your chance to eliminate all the disabling thoughts you have about prosperity and abundance.

Here’s how. Imagine that you have a wallet that’s bulging with $100 bills. You can spend that money on anything you wish. Each time you spend the money, it’s replaced, instantly. Think of the things you could buy. Remember, each time you make a purchase, the money is instantly replaced. You can buy whatever you choose…

While you’re thinking of the money, and pretending you have it, you’re vibrating prosperity, and since you’re aligned with abundance, abundance will flow into your life.

Enjoying Your Abundance With the Law of Attraction

“Joy” is another major law of attraction secret.

Let’s stay with our “I need $10,000” example.

When you imagine that the money is yours, and feel abundant, because you have more money in your wallet than you could ever spend, you’re in alignment with money flowing into your life. Now all you need to do is feel joyful.

Start with feeling grateful, that you have an endless supply of money, which is on its way to you. Then, experience joy — you now know that you can have anything you choose.

Keep allowing, and enjoying. When thoughts of lack intrude: “I don’t have the money and I need it”, switch instantly to allowing, and enjoying.

The law of attraction works for you, and you can attract anything you could ever wish for. Just get into the right state, by allowing and enjoying, to ensure your abundance.