Lawn Aerator For a Healthier Lawn – Core & Plug Aerators (Pt I)

Do you want a beautiful lawn that you can relax in on a warm sunny day? Using a lawn aerator is the answer for you. Aeration is essential for healthy grass. There are several types of lawn aerators and ways that they aerate your lawn.

Core Aeration and Plug Aerating

Core & plug lawn aerators are two different names for the exact same thing. They are probably the most popular types of lawn aerators. Most professionals will use a core aerator. Core aerators actually pull cores (or plugs) of dirt out of your lawn. These cores are anywhere from 2-4 inches deep. The depth depends on how hard your soil is and how effective the machine is at coring.

Whether you're renting a lawn aerator, or planning on purchasing one, you want to find out the tine depth. Check the tines to be sure they are not worn out, if they are too worn, you will not get good plugs. Also, if you are looking into using a Plugger, be sure you know the hydraulics system is in good condition. They use hydraulics to pull the plugs rather than depending solely on the weight of the aerator.

Plug & core aeration is very effective because the extra space this creates in the soil relieves the roots of having to work their way through the compacted dirt. Grass roots then branch out and are able to develop deeper and gain more access to nutrients & water in the soil of course resulting in more healthy grass. The greatest advantage of aerating is that your grass roots will get stronger. Even if you fertilize often & use herbicides & pesticides to keep a healthy looking lawn, if your grass roots are not healthy, you do not have healthy grass & it will be very hard to maintain your lawn.

And healthy grass is the number one way to fight off disease, destroying insects, moss, thatch, and even weeds. Keep using that lawn aerator to be sure to have a healthy happy lawn!