Lawn Chair Millionaire Review – Before Joining This is a Must Read

I decided to create a Lawn Chair Millionaire review after finding this program while searching on the Internet over the weekend and checking it out. First the website was very professionally done and immediately done my eye. This is why I decided to take a closer look at this opportunity.

Looking at the Lawn Chair Millionaire program, I discovered that the founders had had an extensive history in multi-level and network marketing. They state that they did years of research, development, testing of alternative ways to make money before eventually finding some well guarded wealth building secrets. Before they launched this program, they also state that they performed expanded research and development.

While gathering information to create this Lawn Chair Millionaire review, I would like to point out the following highlights that the program states it has:

* A monthly subscription to what they call the Vault which contains ways you can make money in your spare time.

* A turnkey home business opportunity that compensates you for sharing the program with others.

* The Money Share Plan.

* The Moneyline Pool which is a pool of money that is given to members during their first 3 months of being active with the program.

* As long as your subscription is current in the Vault, you qualify for the Money line Pool awards.

* The Money line Pool shares are allocated to your duties balance at the end of each month they are due.

* The Moneyline Pool shares are paid to members regardless of whether or not they refer others to the program.

I found out while reviewing the lawn chair millionaire program that some countries can not participate in the program. Some countries are restricted due to tax issues or they have been known as "hot spots" for credit card fraud. These countries are Angola, Cuba, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, and Syria. So this program is not available in these countries.

I also found out while researching this program that a huge amount of Internet Marketing heavy hitters have joined. It may be a worthy program to be involved with if you have the ability to recruit.