Lawn Sprinklers – A Buyers Guide to Watering Your Garden Lawn

If you want to take pride in your lawn and keep it lush and green all year round then watering your lawn is essential during the drier seasons. You have quite a few options to do this but using a sprinkler is one of the easiest. When choosing a sprinkler then you have the option of an over-ground or under-ground / in-ground sprinkler.

If You Have a Small Lawn

If your lawn is quite small you would be wasting your money on buying an underground lawn system. Instead buy an over ground sprinkler which is much cheaper, does not require any special installation and is perfectly adequate for your needs. With an over ground sprinkler there is a sprinkler head to a garden hose which you place in the middle of the lawn. Some people do not like the look of these so buy an ornamental head instead.

Also you might live in a temperate area where you still get rain in the summer months. Having an over-ground sprinkler means that you can use it now and again to keep the turf from drying out.

If You Have a Large Lawn

For much larger lawns then an over ground sprinkler will not work as effectively as you will need to keep moving it around to make sure that all of the grass is well watered. This is why an underground sprinkler is probably best. When choosing an in-ground sprinkler you can choose between a spray sprinkler and a drip sprinkler.

Spray Sprinklers

Spray sprinklers are a lot less efficient in water conservation because they over-water an area. They are only about 60% efficient.

Drip Sprinkler

The benefits of have a drip sprinkler is that it is more economic on water – this is an especially important point if you live in an area with very low rainfall. It is said that efficiency is over 90% as long as it has been installed and set up correctly. Drip irrigations have been used commercially for many years by farmers growing vegetables etc.

Of course watering the grass is only one part of caring for your lawn. You will also need to feed it regularly, apply the appropriate weed killers and aerate using a fork or lawn aerator machine.