Lawn Sweeper – Make Lawn Cleanup Easy

Lawn sweepers can save a lot of time on yard maintenance and make almost any yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Many people believe that sweepers and leaf blowers are the same but there are differences. A sweeper is sort of like a combination between a mower and a vacuum. It is pushed across the yard and the leaves will be picked up and deposited into a bag at the back. The bag can be detached from the sweeper and dumped.

There are three main types of sweepers which are:

Powered – This runs on either gasoline or electricity

Hand powered – This is propelled by the person using it

Towed – This is connected to whatever vehicle will be used to go over the lawn

If the yard is large it is easier and less time consuming to use the towed lawn sweeper as opposed to the other types. If the yard has many trees a powered sweeper will work best. The hand powered sweeper works best for small yards with few leaves.

Many sweepers can be used on concrete, decks and patios along with many other surfaces. Depending on the climate sweepers can be used all year long which makes them an affordable piece of equipment as compared to units that can only be on specific surfaces or at certain times of the year. Width is another option to consider. The larger the width the less passes it will take to cover the lawn but if the yard has a lot of trees or odd angles a wide width sweeper may be hard to maneuver. The final consideration is weight. If there are steep grades or drop-offs in the yard a lighter sweeper will be easier to handle.

There are a few things to remember when shopping for a lawn sweeper. There are different sizes of catch bags. Some sweepers come with a shredder others do not. If the leaves will be used as compost or mulch this is a nice feature to have. Choosing a sweeper with a height adjuster can save time and may be very useful for yards that have different levels.

There are quite a few reasons to use a lawn sweeper. Some of them are:

Lawn Damage: When leaves build up on a lawn they form a cover over the grass and could leave bald, damaged patches in the yard the following season.

Safety: Leaves can cause people to slip and fall when they form on hard surfaces.

Saving Money: Leaves can be used in compost heaps or mulch which allows a person to buy less compost or mulch for the following year.

Sweepers can be a sound investment for those that have large yards, lots of leaves, and compost or mulch piles. Also if there is a concern about dark or non-growing patches of grass during growing season, or a desire to have a well maintained and clean yard then a lawn sweeper should be considered.