List of Beautiful Places in Canning Bandung

People often look for sites Canning Bandung, but the truth is Pangalengan. Pangalengan itself is one that is quite popular tourist area in Bandung. The visitors who come here can find the natural charm of the beautiful Bandung while enjoying a cold mountain. Here is a brief overview of some of the attractions that can be visited in Pangalengan. For travel guides, you can see in bandung indonesia attraction.


Name Cileunca must have been familiar to the citizens of the city of Bandung. Attractions this one is popular as one of the natural attractions that lure travelers with its beauty. Cileunca itself is an artificial lake whose water is diverted from the Palayangan. This lake was built by the Dutch government during the colonial period first.

In Cileunca, travelers can not only relax and enjoy the beauty of the lake. There are several games that can be tried, such as flying fox and a playground. If you prefer, we can also rent a boat and crossed the lake to get to the tourist locations garden strawberry.

Cibolang Hot Spring Water

Cibolang Hot Spring Water is one of the attractions Canning Bandung were also very attractive to tourists. Cibolang pool water comes from springs in the Mount Windu, warm and can make people feel more relaxed when soaking in it. Moreover soak here is believed to eliminate some kinds of diseases because the water contains many minerals.

Another attraction of the hot springs pool Cibolang this is the natural beauty that surrounds the location of the baths. The trees are green and lush adds a cool atmosphere and really spoil the eye. So although the area is not too extensive Cibolang, visitors can linger to soak in the pool.

Tea Plantation The Nature

The tea gardens are often a destination for many people while on vacation in Bandung. In Pangalengan, we could see the expanse of green tea gardens and soothing view. There is a tea plantation Malabar and Purbasari that can be visited by tourists. We are free to take pictures in the middle of the estate while breathing fresh air typical of the mountains.


One more attraction that should not be missed when we were in Pangalengan, is white water rafting. Usually the rafting down in Palayangan River, a river where the water is also supplied to Cileunca. The river is considered to have a field that is quite difficult, so many people who come there to try to conquer it. If you are a traveler who likes the challenge, try rafting exciting in Palayangan, Pangalengan.

Similarly, a brief review of the Canning Bandung attraction that must be visited. Hopefully the above information helpful.