Los Angeles Real Estate, Five Reasons to Move to LA

If you’re looking for a city with a lot of opportunities, stuff to do, and great culture, then look no further than LA.

Los Angeles offers things that you just can’t find anywhere else, but there are five areas where LA really shines. There is a lot to see and do here, but if you’re looking for the best reasons to relocate, here is why you should consider Los Angeles:

The People

Los Angeles is one of the truest examples of a melting pot. People from all over the world, and from all ethnic backgrounds, call LA home. People here are also a lot friendlier, overall, than they are in many of the other large metropolitan areas, such as NYC. There is always someone new and interesting to meet, and a lot of clubs and organizations to meet them in, making it really easy to find and get to know new people when you move to the city.

The Food

Where to begin? Thanks to the melting-pot atmosphere, you can find almost any food you might be craving without having to travel very far. From the finest artisan chocolates and the very best of gourmet food, to specialties from all over the world, some great pizza, and thousands of casual eateries, Los Angeles has it all. That’s not even counting the farmer’s markets, continuous availability of fresh seafood, and specialty shops.

The Weather

There is something to be said for a city that, while half of the country is struggling under a thick winter blanket of snow, has an average that stays around 50°F. We also don’t see as many of the gray winter skies that our northern countrymen (and women) see from October through March. And even though we see more than our fair share of heat in the summer, living by the ocean actually gives us more moderate temperatures than some of our in-land neighbors’ experience.

The Culture

Art museums, theater, music, and more; if you want to really experience a little bit of everything, Los Angeles is one of the best places to call home. You can also attend literary events (book readings, for example), admire the architecture, visit a nearby library, or go star gazing in Hollywood and other celebrity hot spots. Whether you prefer the symphony or metal concerts, art galleries or movies, there is no shortage or cultural events and attractions to enjoy as a new LA resident.

The Schools

There are over 1000 schools in the LA unified school district alone. When added to the number of private schools available in the city, there are almost unlimited choices for your child’s education. Several schools even specialize in particular areas (such as theater, sports, or music), or offer special program for developmentally challenged or gifted students. There are also numerous higher education offerings, everything from traditional university learning, at UCLA, to trade school and continuing education programs.