Making Inexpensive Photography Props

Adding props to your photographs can make an ordinary image extraordinary, and it does not necessarily require spending a lot of money. There are many different ways of making inexpensive photography props that are both fun and functional.

The background is probably the most important prop in a picture. Just about anything large enough can be used as a background when it comes to portrait photography. A large flat sheet, any color, makes a wonderful background. This can be draped over an available wall, large piece of furniture, etc. If the dyed muslin backgrounds are what you prefer, these can easily be homemade. Plain tan muslin can be purchased by the yard at any fabric store and runs around $ 1-2 per yard. With a couple of buckets of permanent fabric dye and some creativity, very cool professional looking muslin backgrounds can be made at home.

Everyday household items also make wonderful photography props. Have a big stock cooking pot? Place your baby inside it against a solid background with a chefs hat on. You'll have a very cute kitchen-themed picture! Photographing a newborn baby? Place the baby next to a wooden ruler wearing only a diaper. You'll have an adorable picture, and that prop only $ cost .12!

Maybe you're into a more classical look. Porcelain white columns are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at just about any craft store. Combine this with some white tulle, also inexpensive and available at any fabric store, and you have a classic, dreamy look. You can get creative with different colors of tulle or flower petals, too, which can also enhance this look.

Antique stores or flea markets can be a wonderful place to get inexpensive photography props. A good wooden chair or stool can be used for both children and adults as a prop. Do not be afraid to purchase a piece that needs a little love. A little sanding and a coat of paint can have just about anything looking like new. If painting is not your style, then leave it shabby-chic and match your subjects clothing to the prop.

Costumes can also make fun and inexpensive props. A pair or rain boots and an umbrella can make a very cute child's picture. A pair of reindeer antlers on a dog makes a fun holiday portrait. A fireman's hat, a mans necktie, Moms high heels, all make cute childrens portrait props. And all those things are possibly already sitting around the house.

Finally, do not be afraid to look to nature for props that are even better than inexpensive, FREE! A tree can make a perfect prop for outdoor pictures. A pile of fall leaves, a bunch of wildflowers, a couple of pumpkins, the possibilities are endless.

Making inexpensive photography props is simple, you just have to look at things creatively, and be willing to do some crafting / altering of your own. Once done, however, your new inexpensive photography props will look as good, if not better, than the high priced fake ones of the professionals!