Marketing – What Works Best?

Some experts claim using the number 7 will dramatically increase your sales and conversion ratio.

However, in his article, "The Truth About The Fallacy Of 7" Dean Phillips strongly disagrees with that assessment. Dean writes:

"Almost without exception, every infomercial I've watched over the years, regardless of the product, have prices that end with a five or a nine. For example, $ 29.95, $ 39.99, $ 249.95. , but in marketing, it's just another number! "

Is Dean right?

With all due respect to Mr. Phillips, I think he's missing the point. It really does not matter what has worked in the past or is currently working for someone else. In marketing, it's all about what works best for you.

It has long been determined blue is the best color to use for your website. The color blue is supposedly to have a calming influence over visitors to your website, making them more receptive to your offer. Certain shades of blue indicate dependability, making it a good color for business ads. Blue is also associated with authority and dependability, and is a popular color for uniforms, worn by police officers, mail carriers, security guards and other officials.

With that in mind, I used the color blue when I built my website. However, while doing research for this article, I also discovered some of the most successful Internet marketing websites do not use blue at all. Sites like, and

Proving once again, it's all about what works best for you.

Some experts claim having an attractive website will help you sell more products. But Mark Daoust of discovered something interesting. In his article, "The Surprising Truth About Ugly Websites" Mark writes:

"I was stuck by an example of just how effective ugly websites can be this past week as I was browsing through some related news." I stumbled across the story of Plenty of Fish. dating service much like (but without the subscription fee). There was nothing specifically impressive about the website that stood out to me, in fact the site was actually rather ugly.

What caused me (and I am sure several other people) to take a second look at the website was its reported earnings. It is reported that this website brings in over $ 10,000 from AdSense – in one day. Yes, you did read that correctly. For those of you counting, that is $ 300,000 per month and nearly one million dollars in just three months.

The example of Plenty of Fish lead me to consider how an ugly website could be so successful. As I looked around, I suddenly realized that this was not the only successful ugly website. eBay is unbelievably ugly, Craigslist has never won an award for innovative design, and IMDB has never even bothered to format their text out of the default Times New Roman. "

I'd like to add something relative to Mark's statement. has one of the ugliest websites I've ever seen. The website is nothing but pages and pages of black text on a white background. Ugly and boring. Yet, the website has been extremely successful for years.

In closing, you should always respect proven, time-tested marketing methods and strategies. But that does not mean you have to unnecessarily go along with the staus quo either. Because in marketing, it almost comes down to, what works best for you!