My Pillow Pets Hungry Hippo Review

Unique stuffed animals are always a fun thing to have, and one of the more unique options you can purchase would have to be the My Pillow Pets Hungry Hippo. This great looking stuffed animal and pillow is a stuffed animal that can really turn some heads, and really excite people. That is because these unique items have the ability to turn from adorable stuffed animal to a comfortable pillow instantly, and all you have to do is undo the Velcro at the bottom of the animal. Combining the great looking stuffed animal with the unique ability to do this has made them super popular.

The first thing people notice about the My Pillow Pets Hippo is how good it looks. It has a great pink color that covers the entire body, with a lighter colored face, and a big smile on its face. The soft plush material it made made out of makes it very comfortable, and makes it something that kids really like to cuddle with and use. The pink hippo is not crazy in the way looks, but simple colors, and a great design was used to give this item a fantastic look.

For many parents, they worry about their kids taking the stuffed animals everywhere, getting them dirty and wearing them out. Luckily for parents these products are machine washable as long as you use a gentle cycle, and a lot of care goes into the making of these items, including a well built, and nice looking stuffed animal. When parents know they can clean their item easily, and they will not have to worry about buying a new item every six months, it makes their purchasing decisions much easier.

I do know that Hippos might not be the favorite animal of all children, and some kids are certainly not going to want a pink stuffed animal. That is okay, since there are a number of different colors and animals to choose from, guaranteeing you can find a My Pillow Pets product that everyone enjoys. For example, you can even find a My Pillow Pets Horse, possibly a better fit for kids than a hippo.

The great look of the My Pillow Pets Hippo, combined with the nice price, the great options, and the lack of durability issues make these items very popular gift ideas. If you are trying to think of something special you would like to get for someone you know, this might be a great idea to try, especially since they are so good looking, and so popular.