Network Marketing For Dummies – Learn What The Top Producers Know

The book “Network Marketing For Dummies” is a great book for the majority of people that are wanting to build a MLM business.  But it is not the best for the people that seriously want to become a top producer in the industry. 

There is thing that people need to understand if they want to become a top producer in the network marketing industry.  It all really just breaks down the lead generation.  In network marketing, leads are one of the biggest issues that come about.  When most people join their MLM Company, they have never had any real sales background so they have never been taught how to generate new leads. 

This is the thing that the top producers in our industry have mastered.  They get new leads for their business on a daily basis.  They have some sort of a system that they use to generate leads.  This is what makes them a superstar.  By having new leads coming in to their business daily, they can get lots and lots of practice in all the other areas of the business.

When you know that you will be getting 5+ new leads tomorrow for your business, it does not matter what happen to the ones that you are talking to today.  So if you goof up a call or you miss a piece to the presentation, it’s not a big deal.  There will be new leads and new chances tomorrow.

This little tip about having some sort of a system so that you can generate all the leads that you want was missed in the book “Network Marketing For Dummies”.  And this one little bit of information can save someone thousands of dollars and hours of time trying to convince people that do not care. 

So create something that you can do every day to get you as many leads for your MLM business as you want to.  Then it will just be a matter of time till you are a top producer.