New Home Security Technologies

New Technologies for Home Security

Technology for home security is constantly evolving. While there are still the traditional methods to include smoke alarms, home security systems, and others, there are also many new things on the market. The new technologies are exciting while giving homeowners better peace of mind.

Fingerprint Door Locks: Today, fingerprint door locks are one of the newest forms of technology, which can be used on front, back, or garage doors. Different from coded devices where a person would enter a special code, the fingerprint door lock actually recognizes a person's unique fingerprint.

This means that anyone in the household, as well as friends, can have the fingerprint encoded and then any time they need to enter the home, they would place the finger onto the door lock, which would read the print and allow access. Anyone without the fingerprint in the system would never be able to get inside the home.

There are many brands for fingerprint door locks but all work off much the same concept. In fact, if the homeowner has remodeling going on in the home or has someone house sitting, the person could be provided with temporary access and then when no longer allowed inside, the fingerprint would be removed from the system, easily and quickly.

Electronic Pet Doors: Many homeowners have dogs and cats that could benefit from a pet door but the traditional style also provides access to the interior of the home for intruders. However, with electronic pet doors, the animal would wear a collar with a small device attached, one that would work with the door system to provide easy in and out access. With the electronic pet door, a person or even animal without the attached device would not get in.

Cameras: New technologies for home security are also seen in the form of miniature cameras, which are wireless and therefore, can be placed outside or inside as a means of protection. With this system, the homeowner could be on vacation and still have the ability to see goings on at the home from a laptop computer, one that has special software installed. If someone were breaking in, the homeowner would then call 911 and law enforcement would be able to catch the intruder in the act.

Typically, a homeowner will place anywhere from two to six cameras in and outside of the premises. All information received is in real time and live. In addition, the homeowner would be able to view multiple locations around the home and even have the ability to maneuver the cameras in different directions. These cameras are incredible, many designed with both day and nighttime lighting features. Best of all, the installation for home security cameras, especially the wireless type, is easy.

Personal Emergency Response: Another technology for home security that people overlook is the personal emergency response system. With this, an elderly person or perhaps someone with a disability that became ill or took a bad fall could call for help when no one else is at home. Obviously, this type of home security allows people to live more independently, which is why this system is growing in popularity specific to the older generation.