New Look For Fashion Eyewear

In today's fashion world, there is plenty of room for fashion eyewear thanks to celebrities who have made them such a prominent fixture. No longer can you pick up a pair of sunglasses from CVS and be satisfied. In fact, even if you are wearing prescription sunglasses, there is even now a high market for designer frames! Even those who have to wear glasses are second guessing their picks worrying that Guess frames are not as popular as they use to be and that they will have to update their look accordingly. Eyewear is an important part of our lives now, and there is no reason why it would escape the eye of the fashion world.

Sunglasses in particular are gaining in designer popularity thanks to their constant presence on star's faces. Tom Cruise can be blamed somewhat for starting the craze, since he seems to almost never appear in public without them, and every male in America would love to be the suave, collected, attractive, powerful man they have seen on the silver screen. Since they know full well that they will never reach Tom Cruise level fame, they strive to emulate his air and for a few seconds in time, feel empowered to be wearing his same designer sunglasses, as if a little part of him is in them now because they can buy his glasses.

This trend is not limited to Cruise, but is a fan trend for all celebrities since due to the bright glares of the camera you almost never see any celebrity photographed who is not wearing a pair of shades, and designers know how to market their product. What they do is hand out their glasses for free to the celebs so that they land in the tabloids wearing the glasses and thousands of adoring fans will pick up the designer glasses so that they will look as cool as their favorite celeb. Part of the reason fans pick sunglasses, is because so many other pieces of their celebs fashions, clothing, hair, purses etc are either unattainable or too expensive for them to dream of ever purchasing, but sunglasses, although still way overpriced as compared to replicas , are something they can tangibly save for and purchase.

Another reason why there are so many new fashion sunglasses now, is due to the world of rappers who keep introducing new shades in their music videos for the public to latch onto. Take for example the shutter shades Kayne West wears in his music videos, they are now available in almost every club despite the fact they hold no real value towards working as actual sunglasses or sunglasses in general, and yet people pay for them. Post why? Because fashion eyewear is cool now, thanks to celebrities.