Nintendo Wii Fit Under Fire

What! Nintendo Wii Fit under fire, who on earth would speak out against it? Well, some folk, actually just a minority, are speaking out against it. Is it really possible that someone can find fault with the ever popular Wii Fit?

Without question, the Nintendo Wii Fit is one of, if not the best selling console games of all time, selling out in some shops just a few hours after being put on sale on the very day it was released.

If you need a quick lesson on how the Wii Fit works it simply measures your body mass index, BMI, and then tells you if you are overweight or not, and if you are, then the Wii Fit goes on to help you to exercise in a pleasant, fun sort of way in order to get those horrible pounds or kilo's off.

All has been well with the Wii Fit until recently when obesity groups started to make claims that it could harm a child's self image. Apparently, the Wii Fit had told a little girl she was fat when in reality she was not.

Now I have to say that I do not work for Nintendo in any way, shape or form but let's just set the record straight here. The instructions manual for the Nintendo Wii Fit does clearly state that the BMI calculations may not be accurate for those between the ages of two to twenty years and there you have it. It's crystal clear.

A clear message here to get the whole facts before listening to a little gossip which usually does not contain the whole facts.