Note Holders Lists For Marketing Your CashFlow Notes Business

Your Note Holders List is of course an important part of your business as a note broker. You will need to create a list and then update it and allow it to grow over time. Set a goal to create a list of several thousand leads that you can target for your business. This can be done all at once or it can be created in increments over time. Ultimately the bigger the list, the more value it will return to your business. Once you create a large list you will be able to maintain your business long term.

Marketing to your note holder lead list should be done on a consistent basis often enough that they remember you but not so often that they are unhappy to hear from you. A good rule of thumb is to market to the list once per quarter. This means that you may need to maintain several smaller lists as your business is growing. You can purchase a new list of leads each month until you build up a sizeable list to market to on a consistent basis. Keep in mind that people move and addresses do change as progress moves forward. You may need to clean your list after each mailing as well.

Cleaning the list
Every time you send out a marketing campaign you will have some mail pieces that come back to you undeliverable. This is due to two main factors. The first is that people move from time to time and may not live in the same location listed on the public record and sometimes houses are removed for larger or different developments. The second thing to keep in mind is that public record is not updated when these moves or changes take place. The information that was recorded stays as it was from the day it was recorded. The address information you purchase when you purchase your lead list is specific to the deal at the time of the sale. If you get a reply stating that the address is no longer valid make sure to remove that address from your database.