Panda Bear Costume – A Family Costume Idea For Halloween

Halloween has become an all time favorite holiday for everyone. It is not just for children anymore. Families go out trick or treating together and the parents are no longer standing in the background. Consider dressing the entire family in panda bear costumes. It is a fun and unique idea for the family on Halloween.

Halloween is an exciting day for many children. But there are some children, especially young ones, and even a few older kids too, who find the scary Halloween costumes very frightening. The costumes that are gory or spooky can make certain kids feel extremely uneasy or even intimidated. Once that happens, there goes all the fun and excitement. All the planning that went into dressing up, collecting candy and staying up late to count and sort it, can quickly turn into tears and refusal to participate, in traditional Halloween activities.

Panda Bears are seen as wonderfully cuddly animals in cartoons, pictures, and by children. Panda bears are found in the mountain ranges in central China. They used to live in lowland areas, but farming, forestation, and other developments have restricted the food they eat and the space they need. Giant Pandas are actually on the endangered species list.

Panda bears are easily recognizable by their black and white fur markings. They have a white head, belly, and rear. The rest of their bodies are black such as the feet, ears, and the chest and the rest of their back. They also have black rings around their eyes. Pandas are huge fans of eating bamboo. Many photographs capture them sitting in a tree chewing on bamboo.

If you are feeling bored with the usual assortment of ghosts, ghouls, pirates, witches, vampires and such that are offered as traditional Halloween costumes, you may want to consider a Panda Bear costume for Halloween this year. It is an original idea and you can be certain that you will not be one of a string of ubiquitous characters at any dress-up events that you attend.