Personalized Sports Bottles and What You Should Include on Them

If you participate in sports, personalized sports bottles are a great way to get the hydration that you need while lowering the risks that your favorite bottle goes missing. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind if you are planning on investing in a personalized bottle.

First, there is a fee for printing or otherwise customizing your bottle. Because of this, you will want to invest in a good quality bottle. Picking the right type of bottle for your needs is only the first step. There are several different types of bottles that you can choose from, ranging from capped bottles, flip lid bottles, and insulated bottles. Each type of bottle is suitable for different types of sports.

For example, flip lid bottles are often preferred by cyclists, as they often can not use both hands to get a drink while cycling. Capped bottles are suitable for sports that have frequent breaks of over a minute, such as hockey or baseball. Capped bottles have the advantage of having a better seal and being more durable, while flip lid bottles are faster to drink from. Insulated bottles are excellent for sports where temperature is a factor, such as skiing.

What you put on your personalized sports bottles should be your next concern. Many people choose to put their name on the bottle. However, if you participate in several different sports and like having a bottle for each type of sport, you may choose to put your name and the sport on the bottle, or your name and the team. If you are at a tournament, having your name and the team can help increase the odds that your bottle is returned to you instead of being lost. You will need to check and see just how much space you have available for customizations, however. Every customization company has different rules regarding customizations that can fit on bottles.

In addition to this, each bottle type has different sizes of area that they can be customized. This can make the project a little disconcerting for someone who has never ordered a custom bottle before. The simplest thing to do is to remember to read all of the fine print for every bottle that you are interested in. This will give you all of the information that you need for selecting your customization options.

Finally, if you are purchasing personalized sports bottles for friends or children, it is important that you only purchase high quality bottles. Lower quality plastics contain a substance called Bisphenol A. This compound is considered dangerous for infants and children as it leeches into whatever liquid is being held in the plastic. While many regions ban the use of plastics containing Bisphenol A in products used by infants and children, you will want to try to confirm the presence of the compound when possible.

Fortunately, most plastics used for containing food or liquids no longer contain the compound. This is really only an issue if you order vintage style sports bottles or bottles that come in customized sleeves, as these are cheaper bottles.