Plastic Food Storage Containers

Plastic food containers are dominant on store shelves, due to their greater convenience and practicality as a storage option. They provide a cheap storage option and are usually dishwasher and microwave safe. They are also able to be refrigerated or frozen, which means that they are a very versatile solution.

In most cases food containers are made out of quality plastic materials. However, there are research studies to suggest that when plastic comes into contact with certain foods, molecules of the chemicals in the plastic can escape into food. When these get into our bodies it is not a good thing. It is therefore advisable to be aware that it is important to use food grade plastic when storing your food.

But having said all this, processing technologies are improving and the demand for plastic containers is growing largely due to performance, cost, versatility and convenience when compared with glass, metal and paper packaging. Also in a great plus for the environment, the production of food grade plastic containers from recycled PETE bottles is developing considerably. So when choosing plastic storage containers for your food the variety, type and size are increasing and improving all the time.

The best plastic food containers to choose are those that provide for multi use, are leak proof, twist resistant, air tight to lock in freshness and manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. Remember, it is also important to your health to look for plastic containers made from top grade materials.

Rectangular shaped containers are great for lunches or for storing various items such as cakes, cookies or pastries. Round containers also provide great multi use options and are durable and light weight. Flat tray food containers take up less space in the refrigerator whilst salad containers keep your food fresher longer. Tall plastic food containers offer even further flexibility in storage and special containers are available to store liquids safely, without leakage.