Preschool Play-To-Learn – Animal Book


Remember today to save that empty toilet paper or paper towel tube. If you have not decided on a place to keep supplies to use with your children when you want to do an activity with them here are some suggestions.

1. Head for the grocery store to find empty boxes that will neatly stack on top of each other

2. Pound some nails into the wall or on the studs of your basement storage area or garage and hang large, empty plastic bags. With a black marker you can label the bag so that you can remember what you are putting in them easily

3. Under the bed storage boxes can be found at discount or sometimes at dollar stores. Start a collection with one or two and add more as you can afford them until you have plenty

4. Save large, empty coffee cans to store smaller items in. You'd be surprised how many cottage cheese containers and yogurt cups will fit in a coffee can. Use another one for the tops.



When you start today's activity you will probably find it will become a multi-day. So be prepared to put all the materials needed away in a box to be used again when you find appropriate pictures. The alphabet cards that your child does complete can be used as a learning tool to help him with letter recognition and reading. As your child adds more cards to her own alphabet collection she will, of course, be adding to her reading skills. The fact that this is a longer term activity help to teach your child that some things in life need to be delayed. While it is gratifying to successfully complete an activity the same day that it is begun, there is often a great deal of satisfaction when working on an activity over a period of many days to finally complete it. Consequently, when you encourage your preschooler to finish a project even when it takes a fairly long time you are teaching him to appreciate deferred gratification, a trait people need to practice throughout their lives.


ABC picture books and color books
Brochures from zoos and pet stores or colored pictures of animals from newspaper ads
Paper and pencil
5×8 index cards

1. Read through all the ABC books you can find with your preschoolers and make a list of any animals you find in them – be sure you print the name of each animal correctly and clearly with only one name per line on a blank sheet of paper .

2. Cut out the pictures of animals you find in disposable coloring books after your child colors them and also any you find in the disposable brochures you have collected.

3. After you have collected a group of pictures sort them out by the first letter of each animal's name. Cross out the name of any animal you listed on your paper as you cut it out.

4. Ask your child to glue each picture to an index card.

5. In the left hand corner of each card print both the upper and lower case letter that begins the name of the animal depicted on the card – ie Dd for dog. Also print the full name of the animal underneath the picture.

6. Continue to search for pictures of other animals that your preschooler can cut out and glue to index cards until you have cards for the entire alphabet.