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Features That Make an Ip System Superb The many good features are the reason Ip telephone systems are as good as they are in the modern communication industry. The different manufacturers in the telephone industry bring about the difference in the features in these types of phones. Their functionality and the purpose they are made for is also another reason why they are different too. Even then the following are some of the features that common Ip telephone systems have. Among the many features it would be necessary to discuss the graphical LCD display screen first. Many manufacturers choose to make the screen monochrome. So many function can be served by this kind of phone feature. But over the days it has been advanced even though most of the people have not yet adapted the advancement. You will notice that in the screen there are features like the caller id allowing you to easily work your way to know who is calling long before you pick the call. Note that this is not a common thing with telephones as you know. Besides what has been mentioned you will notice that some companies are going to the extent of making colored screens for these telephone systems. Colored screens in Ip telephone systems could be useful in the sense that people could need to do web surfing and video conferencing. Ip telephone systems come with a lot of programmable features that could be so much important in different ways. There are so many basic and advanced features which you could expect to find in a sophisticated phone like Ip. You will notice that a lot of these features in phones will need the phone to have special hardware build in it to make it possible. At the end of the day, this means that the advancement in these Ip telephone systems makes them a good housing for a lot of important features. Ip telephone systems will have a number of ports that could be connected directly to the internet of even the PC. An RJ 11 port is among the many that will be useful in terms of DSL internet connections directly from the telephone system. RJ 45 is also a good port when it comes to making connections to the Ethernet LAN. The same connection or rather is there are two of them could be used to make connections with other devices like Ip telephones. Another good feature is the one known for personalized telephone ringtones. There could be a lot of merits coming with this possibility. It could be a good thing to know who is calling long before one goes to pick the phone. Like for instance in a business sometimes you could be very busy but there are calls that you would not want to miss even if you are not there.Getting Creative With Telephones Advice

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