Sports Shoes Vs High-Heel Shoes

I wore casual clothes and sports shoes from the moment I can remember. Then it came one day that I had to take interviews for getting a job after my graduation.

Every one around me was saying that I should get some formal clothes and high-heel shoes. I was not willing to do that as I really could not work out why I have to torment myself with the uncomfortable clothes and shoes. However, every one told me that the formal dress would leave a good impression on the interviewer's mind and help me to get more chance of success. So, in order to get a job for living, I changed my casual clothes with formal dress, sports shoes with high-heel shoes. Every one said that I looked great in that formal dress and I myself knew well that the formal dress had really made me more confident. Only till that moment did I realize the advantages of formal suit and high-heel shoes. At that moment, I can understand why the young ladies prefer to wear high-heel shoes even they feel uncomfortable with them.

After a few days, I got used to suit and high-heel shoes and went to different interviews with them on. Thanks to them that I performed quite good in the interview and got a good job soon. And moreover, when I went to work in that company, I found that it was OK to wear casual clothes and sports shoes there. So, I can wear formal clothes and high-heel shoes when there are big occasions and casual clothes and sports shoes for daily work.