Premium Luxury Unique Business Cards

Tips to create the best

Business cards are very important marketing tools and any serious business should consider creating the most suitable ones for the business. When it comes to the cards, a professional look is what matters most. The best cards are those that are attractive enough to the eyes without necessarily being overly done especially with included text and graphics. But to make luxury premium business cards that are unique, you need to think beyond the name and logo to display. There are so many paper options and printing options you can think along to come up with the most professional and luxury business cards. Below are helpful tips that will make it possible for you to create unique, premium ones.

Tip 1 Choose the best paper stock

The quality usually will depend on the paper stock that you select. Some of the most suitable finishes include silk laminated, suede velvet laminates, gloss or matte laminated and you can also go for uncoated. Each of the paper options comes with pros and cons and it would be very important to consider them before making the final decision for the cards. You should also think about paper thickness in relation to the final card you want.

Tip 2 Consider embossing effect

One of the best ways of making your business cards stand out is by considering embossing for given texts and graphics. Embossing simply produces raised effect on selected areas of the card. A raised and recessed die is used to achieve this effect giving a pattern that is raised against the background. You can use such technique for your logo or business name.

Tip 3 Try out debossing

Instead of raising selected areas like it is the case by embossing, debossing forces paper material down the surface. This means that the debossed pattern or text will be recessed into paper surface giving a pleasant look in the end. It is an effect that best suits thicker paper stocks because of the deeper impressions it offers.

Tip 4 Color or paint card edges

Color edging is not something most people think about when creating business cards yet it is an effect that can make your cards stand out. You can match the edge colors to your brand colors or choose contrasting colors that do not steal the professionalism off the cards. You can create an interesting twist to your business cards by trying metallic colors like copper, silver and gold that have a luxurious feel to them or fluorescent colors that are exciting and fun.

Tip 5 Die cut your business cards

This is another very unique approach to premium business cards. Die cutting is the process where paper stock is cut to specific shapes with the help of a cutting die. Usually the paper will be placed on a flat surface with backing for support and then the desired die is pressed on to cut as desired. If you choose to die cut, ensure you choose shapes that …

Fashion – Women's Dress Business Casual

Women have it made when it comes to the fashion world. They have the ability to mix and match more outfits because – well men just do not look good in dresses and skirts. You should always remember that when trying to dress for business casual events you should be fashionable but comfortable at the same time. The rule of thumb is to allow your professionalism and comfort guide you when deciding what you will wear. Many of the pieces mentioned here can be worn in a variety of methods which allow you to change your look by simply changing one or two pieces of your attire.

If you are starting a new career the first thing you will want to find out is if there is any type of dress code in place. Normally the human resources can tell you what their business casual means but can vary from one company to another. Many big corporations require their employees to wear a business skirt or slacks while smaller companies may require a floral skirt and cotton sweater. The fashion world is often surrounded by women looking glamorous and fresh because of their makeup which is fine just make sure it's not overdone.

Fashion is a big part of daily life so looking good not only for work but for outside events, dinner parties, and other important events can be imperative for your self esteem. When picking out your clothes for work make sure that you do not have anything else on your calendar for that day that may require you to dress a bit differently.

Clothing is the key to fashion so having a few items is necessary to always looking good. Things that will always be in style and that you can mix and match include a few knit shirts and a couple good blouses. Also you may choose to purchase a cardigan or casual blazer that can be switched out with different colors. Slacks and khakis are always good pieces to add to your wardrobe. Every woman should have a couple dress skirts and at least one good dress that can be word for business or casual. Many of the pieces mentioned here can be worn in a variety of methods which allow you to change your look by simply changing one or two pieces of your attire.

Make sure to add proper accessories such as shoes, belts, scarves, and matching jewelry. Less is often more so remember to not overload yourself otherwise your whole look may seem as too much. This goes for makeup as well. The fashion world is often surrounded by women looking glamorous and fresh because of their makeup which is fine just make sure it's not overdone.

You should keep your clothes clean, pressed, and wrinkle-free. If you show up for work or a date with wrinkled clothes or those that are torn and stained you are leaving a much unorganized impression. Companies take pride in the way things are run and …

The Top 10 Business Books Ever

In this article I’m reviewing and revealing the all important “A list” top ten business books ever.

I recommend you make a note of all of these books and make a plan to read each one. It’ll take some time to read them all and there’s no rush. I can honestly say that each one of these books has changed my life for the better.

Some are more relevant to employees, others are more relevant to business owners but all are excellent books and whatever your situation I recommend them all.

Ok, here we go, starting with number ten…

10 – Who Moved My Cheese – Dr Spencer Johnson

Suitable for any age and taking only an hour to read this book is a must for anyone who is seeking something better in life. Whether it’s freedom, wealth, love or health, it’ll help you find what you’re looking for in a changing world.

9 – Buzz Marketing – Mark Hughes

This book is the one you might find surprising. You may have heard of all of the other books in my top ten but this one was a surprise to me too. Not being a well known classic, I didn’t expect it to such a fantastic book and so well written.

8 – The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

This book really is a classic. If you’ve ever wondered what makes some products or trends take off worldwide while others just fall by the wayside, this book will enlighten you. Filled with real life case studies this book is a must read.

7 – The Long Tail – Chris Anderson

We’re no longer restricted to just a few blockbuster movies, or the books in your bookstore, or the songs in your music store. The Internet has given us almost infinite choice, even in the tiniest of niches. This book explains how to capitalise on this and make money from the “long tail”.

6 – The 4-Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferris

Ever fancied outsourcing most of your business and some of you life so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy? Of course, that’s why you’re reading this and that’s why you should read this book. It changes everything.

5 – The Richest Man In Babylon – George S. Clason

A little like Who Moved My Cheese in that it won’t take long to read and it’s suitable for all ages. It lays down the fundamental principles of building wealth which everyone should know. I’ve read it three times and I still love it.

4 – Rich Dad, Poor Dad 2 The Cashflow Quadrant – Robert T Kiyosaki

This is the sequel to number three below. It builds on the principles in the first book and details what the author calls the cashflow quadrant. Don’t be put off by the terminology, this book really did change my life for the better.

3 – Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert T Kiyosaki

Before you read the sequel above …

What's in a Business Card?

Over the years as I have attended trade shows, networking meetings, chamber events and more; I have noticed a few things about the successful and the not so successful. First of all, do you have a business card?

If you belong to a large corporation, you were probably issued business cards as a matter of course, almost as if it was a company perk. If you are in a small or home-based business, chances are you, personally, made the effort to get business cards, which entailed design, print and distribution. So if you went to all of the trouble of acquiring them, you should use them to your advantage. Here are a few tried and true rules for marketing with your card.

1. Never leave home without the cards. I have stopped for coffee already and had someone ask me for a card because they saw my car sign as I folded into the local coffee shop lot. If you want people to discredit you as a businessperson, all you have to do is say "Oh sorry I forgot my cards today." I have even been to trade shows and fellow exhibitors were walking around without cards. You have not only lost an immediate opportunity to market your business, but you look like an amateur who does not deserve the business.

2. Is the information correct? The reality is that sometimes we change our contact information. If you know that there will be changes in the near future, then limit the number of cards you have printed. Do not, scribble out and hand write information on your card. Back to "Can anyone say amateur?" I said that to someone once and his reply was, "yes but business cards are expensive." That says two things to me: 1) he did not shop around for a good price and 2) AMATEUR! The idea is to attract business not scare it away.

3. Does the card say what you want it to say? What message are you trying to get across? When designing a business card, think about the placement of information on the card. Is the key information in a prime place on the card? Does the design work with the rest of your company image? Your business card should be an extension of your company just like your logo, stationery, checks, signage, website and more. They should all get across the same message and design.

4. Can prospective clients contact you easily with the information provided on your card? This is a big one!

Is your website up to date?
Do you check your email at least once a day? (And respond!)
Is your email address professional (not )
Is your voice mail message clear, concise and professional?

In this day of technology everyone assumes you must have email and a website for your business to be successful. This is not necessarily true. If you do not conduct business via email or internet then do not put that information on …

Business Card Etiquette – How to Give and Receive Business Cards

A business card is a singularly powerful tool for self-advertisement. If lets you market yourself to a very wide audience without the hassle and prohibitive cost of newspaper advertising.

When you have business cards printed in bulk, however, be sure to get yourself a business card case. It's crass to distribute your business card without putting them in a business card case first.

How to Distribute Your Business Card

Is there a right way to distribute a business card? Is there a wrong way of doing the same? The answer to both questions is yes. In distributing business cards, there is a right way and a wrong way. There is no right way of doing it the wrong way.

The Wrong Way: Distributing your business card as if you are dealing playing cards.

The Right Way: Never pass out business cards like you would pass around sheets of paper or playing cards. Keep them in a business card case. Moreover, present them in such a way that the recipient can read them right side up.

As the recipient takes a card from your business card case, make an effort to keep up polite chatter. If, on the other hand, you are the recipient of the card, comment as you take the card out of the business card case. Then, subtly, put it in your pocket.

When networking, remember to keep your business card case inside a pocket you can easily reach. It is not seem to have to rummage for your cards while changing banters with high-ranking executives.

Keeping Up Appearances

Your business card is your advertisement. It should, therefore, be representative of the image you are trying to get across. So, make sure they are never creased, wrinkled, dirty, or scribbled upon. To help your cards remain spotless and crisp, keep them inside a business card case.

Tips for Cross-Cultural Card-Giving

1. When traveling abroad, have your information printed in English on one side and in the language of the country you're visiting on the other.

2. When giving out business cards in Asia, remember to use two hands to give and receive cards. Be sure to put the card that you receive on the tabletop, at least until the meeting ends. After the meeting, put the business cards you received inside a portfolio or a business card case.

3. If you ask someone for a business card, offer yours in return. The same rule applies for times when it is you who does the asking.

The act of exporting business cards is as important as a handshake. After all, when you exchange business cards with someone, you trade not just contact information. You exchange the possibility of a future with each other in it. Do it with style. …

Best Gift Ideas for 3-5 Year Old Kids

This is a continuation in our series of posts on how to find the best gifts for kids. In our previous post on this topic we discussed about finding right gifts for 1-2 year old children. In this, we will focus on 3-5 year old kids. We will follow the same 4 step process as we had discussed earlier.

Understand the profile of kids in desired age group

Children in this age bracket of 2-5 years are highly mobile, full of energy and zest. Its practically impossible to keep them in one place. They are much more aware of their surroundings through TV, comics and friends. They watch cartoons and even have their favorite super-heroes. They have their own liking for clothes, toys, accessories and colors. They have started going to play schools and are most likely enjoying the environment outside of their homes. They are very imaginative and to them nothing is impossible. Laws of physics are not for them. Superman can fly, Pluto the dog can keep its tail straight up and Donald-duck despite being a duck can speak clear English. They enjoy this free environment without limits of logic that we adults impose on it.

Define objectives and explore options

They are clearly a lot more creative choices of gifts for kids in this age group. But because the kids in this age group are so aware, choosing the right gift is also very difficult. Their is a high chance that your gift may face outright rejection if it does not meet the mark and will never get played with. Here the most appropriate gifts for kids are those that combine the latest trends among kids eg popular cartoon character, with utility and learning elements. Again ask the question "what should a good gift do for the child". Here are some possible options

Help them exercise and build strength: 3-5 year old kids are growing very fast. They are growing in height, weight and physical dexterity. Games and toys that will help them exercise and grow could form very useful gifts for kids. Examples of some such gifts are …

  • Knock-me-down dolls
  • Ball games
  • Tri-cycle / bi-cycle
  • Roller skates
  • Swimming equipments

Help instigate curiosity and facilitating learning: They are exploring their environment and everything is very new to them. Toys that help maintain / grow their curiosity and support building knowledge are …

  • Electronic toys eg moving robots
  • Lego kits
  • Animal figures with sounds
  • Magic slates
  • Card-games on animals, places
  • Puzzle sets

Help them go out and play: TV, video games, and board games are keeping kids in-doors. Anything that supports going out, playing in teams, interacting with others is an excellent gift in my opinion

  • Mini cricket kits
  • Mini football
  • Mini badminton kit

Foster creativity and imagination: Academics and physical performance is something that can be observed. But creativity and imagination is not something that can be visually observed or tracked on a daily basis. It is important to get our kids to explore their creative …

What Are The Best Toys For 1 Year Old Boys?

Cuddly stuffed animals, colorful blocks, noisy battery operated cars, or activity mats, which one are the best toys for 1 year old? When parents buy toys they would want to choose those items that their child would like and would still be good for their development. This blog helps you find the right playthings that would tickle the imagination of your child either by themselves or with other people.

Parents should base the objects they would want to buy in accordance with their little one's developmental stages. In this case those that could support and help their motor and language skills. Interactive ones are a good choice as they can manipulate it to their own liking like slowly learning that they have dropped, pushed, or put together something.

To develop their motor development, fetching items are one of the safest and they are more practical. Examples of these are soft playthings like dolls or plushies that your toddler can wobble their way to get it for you. Give them objects that they can explore around with like trucks and doll dresses. Tinkering with some features actually allows them to see what they can do and gradually expanding their point of thinking and their imagination, which in return practices their cognitive abilities.

Just do not forget to never give items to your little one who small parts can be taken off or rolled off. Your toddler may choke on it since small parts are easy for them to pop inside their tiny mouths.

If you want to enhance their educational milestones, then the best toys for 1 year old are big blocks, some cloth books and stack rings. There is no secret formula actually but if you want to keep your toddler busy, buy things in a variety of colors and shapes.

Cloth books are safe since your little one can not tear them and swallow it. It contains big pictures that attract the eye of your child easily. While blocks and stack rings challenges their eye hand coordination.

Dominating the list, the best toys for 1 year old is actually that has something to do with music. Musical toys and activity mats actually gives out different sounds of things and animals. Toddlers at this age are like sponges, they would absorb and try to imitate whatever they hear especially those in a frequent basis. These then helps their speech, and in a way train their language skills little by little. Buying musical items that have a lot of lights can easily attract attention too as it grabs the eyes of your child fast and without a hassle.

Shopping for toys is actually quite happy. All it needs is some basic facts of what you should know about your child's development is a good basis in selecting gifts for your children. You just have to choose carefully. …

Best Developmental Toys For Your 1 Or 2 Year Old

As soon as a child turns one, the increase in mobility also results in higher curiosity levels. All 1-2 year-olds love exploring the world around them. They try their best to figure out what all is happening around them. Also categorized as terrible twos, this age asserts their independence and children show marked improvements in their communication and developmental skills.

Although this tantrum throwing phase is frustrating for parents sometimes but it stands for the individuality of the children. By now, they have their favorite toys, games and activities to keep them engaged. While playing forms a major part of their day, their toys need to focus on development at all levels. Here are the kinds of developmental toys that are best suited for your 1 – 2 year olds:

Pushing, riding and rocking

Your child has just learned walking and is trying to gain control over his or her pace. The push toys like play gyms, wheeled toys help in developing strong leg and arm muscles with the freedom to traverse the world around. Similarly, riding and rocking toys work on gross motor skills and enhance the child's abilities.

Manipulative toys

With advanced physical development, their mental and psychological skills are also growing distinctively at this age. So toys that involve manipulation and use of brain are the best developmental toys for young children. Shape sisters, stacking toys, nesting toys, bucket filling activities not only improve the dexterity and hand eye coordination but also rub their gray cells.


1-2 year olds love to use colored pens and draw to their heart's content. Give them crayons and paper and you will see them having fun as if nothing else exists. This brings out the creativity and imagination of the children. You can give them safe and washable versions to maintain hygiene.

Stuff toys and dolls

Children at this age start forming affinity towards life like things. They enjoy playing with stuff toys like bears, cats, dogs and dolls. These toys offer them the opportunity of enacting things that they witness around them along with exploring their emotional side. Do not be surprised if you one day see your baby offering his or her milk bottle to the bear.

Action reaction toys

Toys like bat and ball, pound a ball, marble running rails allow children to understand the basics of action and reaction. They improve your child's hand eye coordination, motor skills, stimulation skills and reflexes.

Some toys are just fun while others offer development advantages for your 1-2 year olds. It is your responsibility to offer a proper mix to your children so that they develop, learn and have fun all at the same time.

If you are interested in these and other learning toys please go to Great Kid Gifts. …

Baby Developmental Toys For 2-3 Year Olds

The transition from 2 to 3 is the age of mastery. This is where your child becomes one of the big kids. He is now a fluent talker and enjoys describing things not just stating what they are. This is a critical time where you want your child's baby developmental toys to challenge his desire to explore, not stifle it.

During this time, your child will realize that he can multitask, that he can do something with one hand while doing something else with the other. He will also begin sorting things not just by size or color, but by both size and color. Some of the best baby developmental toys for this age are arts and crafts. Activities such as finger painting, modeling clay and chalkboards provide a clean slate for your child to express his creativity. Simple sports are also a great way to foster teamwork and cooperation.

Your child will also begin role playing familiar characters like daddy, or grandpa. At the same time small wooden replicas of animals make great baby developmental toys for this age as he 'll want to learn about worlds that exist beyond his own. Your search should include baby developmental toys that develop his concentration. This is a great time to introduce electronic games and workbooks. Also baby developmental toys like train sets or car sets promotion concentration while stimulating their curiosity of how things work.

Sand boxes and board games provide a unique opportunity for your child to play like the big kids. Whether he's creating a kingdom or holding his own at a big kids game, either way he will be developing his sense of responsibility and independence. The best baby developmental toys are colorful, sturdy, open ended toys. These will simplify his imagination and will not place limits as to how he can play with them. …

Fashion Designers Books

Buying fashion designers books and collecting copies should become a hobby of all budding fashion designers. They get to learn a lot from seeing the reviews and styles of the well-known designers and besides it helps them unleash their own creativity as well.

You will not only learn by seeing others work, but over a period of time be able to define your own style statement and be able to focus on which fashion trend you wish to follow in the future.

These books will teach you a lot of about trends and concepts besides showcasing others work. Over a period of time you will be able to start identifying yourself with a particular genre and define your own art and design for whenever the time is right.

However before you spend money on the books, it is important that you have the clarity on the kind of fashion that you wish to design and pursue, so that you buy the books that help you grow professionally. It will be a waste to buy a book that does not deal with your subject but deals with something else entirely. There is simply no point to try and do that.

As students you may not be able to afford to buy the latest top fashion industry magazines, for they are very expensive, neverless worth it. The best alternative would be to keep a watch for second hand sales in bookshops as well as garage sales where you can pick up old copies for very cheap rates.

For those students who are studying fashion designing however, might find it more useful to look for the subject related books that cover the subject in depth and deal with technicalities of designing and all other aspects.

Fashion designers and teachers prescribe certain good books to be used for reference and as texts either on their website or on a television special. You can look for such references and buy those books for yourself at any local store or online retailer.

These reference books are collector's items and when you buy them, make sure you maintain them properly so that they thank a lifetime in good condition.

These books have to last you a lifetime, for you will keep referring to them over a number of years in your profession, especially when you want to remember and clarity certain point that you had read about and need reconfirmation. Think of it as an encyclopedia of knowledge for your fashion. …