Tax Delinquent Homes For Sale – How to Buy Them For $200 Or Less Outside the Auction

If you want to join the “super elite real estate investors’ club,” you’ll need to get into tax sale investing as soon as possible. However, investing at the actual tax sale itself won’t be necessary. There are tax delinquent homes for sale in your area that you don’t know about – here’s how to buy them for $200 or less, and you don’t have to bid against other investors at the tax sale auction.

Most investors don’t realize, or for whatever reason, don’t care, that tax delinquent homes are for sale after the tax sale, and it’s still legal to buy property directly from its tax delinquent owner during the redemption period. This is the absolute best time to buy, and yet almost no one does. Ignorance or laziness, their loss is your gain.

Wait until close to the end of the redemption period after tax sale. Check the records to see who still hasn’t paid off their taxes. If they haven’t, they’re probably not going to, which means their deed is as close to “worthless” in their minds as it’s going to be. They also know if they don’t get something for the property now, they never will.

Call these owners and see what their plan is. You’ll find lots of people who just don’t care and will actually give you their deed (especially if you offer them $100 for their time in signing the paperwork). Other people may have waited a little too long to try to sell their homes. You can offer them $100 for their deed plus a percentage of the proceeds when you sell.

Then you either sell quickly to another investor (whom you let take care of the taxes), or if you’ve got the money and want to sell for retail, you can pay the taxes yourself and take your time.

Either way, with an initial investment of $100-200, it’s pretty hard to go wrong. Nine times out of ten, you’ll end up making thousands and thousands on that small investment. If tax sale investing is your goal, this is the only surefire way to get free and clear property for $200 or less while still avoiding 95% of your competition.

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