The Top 10 Best Websites For Free Classified Ads

free-classifieds.jpgWhy pay ridiculous prices for something some websites offer for free? I’ve scowered the web and found the best websites for hosting – and finding – classified ads totally free of charge.


In random order:

10. Kijiji – Kijiji is eBay’s attempt at competing with Craigslist, and while it has the smooth Flash interface and catchy colors Craigslist lacks, it isn’t anywhere near as popular, which means that those looking for ads won’t find as many on Kijiji as on other websites, and those hosting ads won’t get as many responses.

9. Craigslist – Craigslist is the simple man’s (or woman’s) way to host or find classified ads. There’s no Flash, no fancy HTML; everything is pretty black and white. Literally. The site is basically categorized by state and city, with available ads in housing, jobs, and items for sale. Craigslist has grown increasingly popular which can be both a pro and a con. The more ads to respond to, the more people responding! This means bigger competition for those looking to find a job or rent an apartment, but also more responses for those trying to sell a car or offer a job.

8. US FreeAds – US Free Ads is kind of like a hybrid of Kijiji and Craigslist, only with strings attached. It has a little more color and class than Craigslist while maintaining its Flashless easy interface. However, while ads are free to host and use, you are required to provide payment for a “trial.” You won’t be charged anything if you cancel within the allotted time.

7. Domestic Sale – Domestic Sale markets itself as “The Effective Free Classifieds” and while you may never have heard of them they are on the rise due to their growing popularity, attractive and easy interface, and large category base. Taking a lesson from eBay, the website provides photos on its homepage, which always attracts new users who love to see what they can potentially get. Plus, this website has actual articles, with titles like “Online Advertising for Dummies,” to help out the n00b in all of us.

6. Adoos – While posting an ad is free at Adoos, you’re only allowed to post the same ad once a day. This means your ad could get shuffled down to the bottom of the page, and go unnoticed, within a matter of hours (or minutes, depending on how popular your category is). Adoos also has confusing category listings; they aren’t alphabetized on the homepage. But once you click on a main tab, the categories are alphabetized after the jump.

5. Tao01 – Marketed as the website for classified ads of the world, this international-reaching site is still in beta but is doing quite well. It doesn’t have a “Help” section or decent FAQ, and its categories are disorganized. And Tao01 is a website which strengthens community and tries to unify its users and get everyone to be friends (which might be annoying to busy folks who just want to find a job or sell a car). But other than those cons, I’d say this beta-baby is on its way to becoming pro. The community idea could be a bonus for newbies, and the website can be viewed in Italian in addition to English, a rarity in today’s mostly Spanish-speaking world.

4. MySpace Classifieds – Fans of MySpace will enjoy this section of their already flourishing website. With targeted advertisements, well-organized (alphabetized!) category listings, and a scrolling view (with photos) of the newest listings (tickets to No Doubt and Britney Spears concerts topping the charts right now), MySpace Classifieds is no slouch. Finding an ad is free, posting an ad is free, and the site is becoming more and more popular every day. Right now there are over a million apartments for sale, and over a hundred thousand jobs listed.

3. eBay – While you won’t be able to use eBay to find a job (though you could always use Kijiji for that), it is still the best and most widely used website for selling, well, stuff. With daily (and hourly) deals of crazy bargains with free shipping, as well as both buyer and seller protection, eBay is one of the best places to try to unload that old CD Player or old set of encyclopedias. There are fees to list and sell, but there are also frequent promotions. Also, some websites (such as offer cashback on purchases made at ebay. Ebates currently offers 3% cashback.

2. Zikbay – While an excellent attempt at easy usability and attractive interface, good organization and free posting, Zikbay suffers from the one thing that can kill any up-and-coming website: unpopularity. Right now there are only 167 jobs listed, which, for those in the know, isn’t anywhere near enough to compete with some of the big wigs. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out. Websites become popular by, well, people using them. Who knows? One of those 167 jobs could be the job of your dreams.

1. Area-Unique websites These websites are excellent for area-specific listings. For example, a simple Google search of the word “classifieds” brings up websites for the NY Newsday and the NY Times, as well as the Washington Post and the Dallas News. Searching classifieds in your local newspaper (or your local newspaper’s corresponding website) is a great way to narrow down what can often be an impossibly daunting search. Who can really sift through a million jobs? Who has the time? By checking out your local paper, you can often turn a potentially overwhelming search into a much more manageable one. Check your local paper for their website URL. All in all, finding a website with everything you want could be difficult. A good tip? Don’t use just one. By using a bunch of different websites (and your local newspaper) you’re more likely to come up with better results.