The Uses Of Business Card Holders

Business cards have been around for a lot longer than one would believe. These first originated way back in the seventeenth century. When the visitor arrived, a card would be given to the servant who would in turn take the card to master or lady of the house on a silver platter. This would avoid any confusion as to who was visiting. If the lady or master were not at home then there would now be evidence that the visitor had indeed popped around for a visit. It makes one wonder when Business Card Holders first came into being.

Today silver platters would not be used for this, however a calling card is very much in use. They are very effective ways to announce the presence of a person. This is in spite of the fact that a lot of business is done electronically. It would not be to a businessperson's advantage to be without business cards. When a person is doing business and does not have a business card, this looks highly unprofessional.

In recent years, these have become a great advertising tool. Many people are leaving their cards at shops and related retailers where clients can take at their convenience. It is much neater to place them in a dispenser of sorts. Those that are interested in your services will then be able to take one. The design of the cards is of utmost importance for this reason.

Taxi drivers may often leave these laying around at restaurants or pubs hoping to entice people to phone for a lift rather than walk home. Often clients will more likely have a wallet or purse than a cardholder will. For this reason the cards should be the size of a credit card. These are little smaller than most however are easy for people to keep.

Companies that clean or repair ovens could make magnet type calling cards. These can be stuck on the fridges in the homes of people. This way the business is always visible should this service be required.

A map of the office on the back of the card is a good idea. This helps in the case of someone getting lost. Should one receive a card at a meeting or seminar the place it in the cardholder. This will help one to remember the name of the person who gave the card out. The holder and the name portion of the card should be visible and placed on the table in front of the recipient.

When arriving to meet someone give the card to the receptionist. One has more chance of seeing the person when one is announced. This far better than being announced as there is someone to see you. It is also great if one's name is a bit of a tongue twister.

Keeping two Business Card Holders is a very good idea for the smart businessperson. One's own cards can be stored in the one holder. Many business people collect cards during the course of business and this is where the other holder would be of immense value.