The Women Men Adore – Dating Book Review

Dr. Bob Grant's "The Women Men Adore," combines his decade and a half of experience helping thousands of women either makes an existing relationship even more secure, or helps women who have not achieved consistent success with men explode their confidence and essentially go from being lucky to get one guy to look at them to being able to charm any male they please.

"The Women Men Adore" is not hyped up or full of "fluff". Upon reading the first chapter, you'll find that Grant's style of writing is straight-forward and clear. There are no sales pitch type headlines or calls to action. Just pure facts from analysing his years of working with women.

Probably the best thing about "The Women Men Adore" is that it delivers what it promises. Grant suggests that any woman who wishes to have more fun and love in her life does not have to compromise herself at all. There are no cheesy, flirting techniques so typical of dating books now, instead, Grant delves targets and strikes the problem at the core, exposing it for you to see. He explains that, most of the time, the problems women experience with men are simply extensions of a deeper, psychological perception a women has of herself and what's expected of her.

Grant explains that the way that the book is meant to be used is that whenever he suggests something to try, the female should seek an opportunity to use the advice and then take initiative and implement it. He makes it clear in the first chapter that it's not the woman's fault if a relationship is in shambles; rather, women are the more proactive ones in a relationship and have a greater tendency to influence her partner than vice versa, hence she should rightly receive more guidance.

Grant is in an elite class when it comes to educating women to be more confident when seeking a man. "The Women Men Adore" takes the unique tangent of teaching women how to improve themselves so that they can improve a relationship or attract a man into their life. Literally thousands of women have benefited either from Grant's help personally or from an extension of his understanding of women in "The Women Men Adore". "The Women Men Adore" is empowering and is virtually faultless. If a woman is seeking to take control of her love life, "The Women Men Adore" should be considered the bible of female self-improvement and consequently, how to successfully attract and keep a man.