Three Basic Principles of Successful Real Estate Investing

Those who, like myself, have been active in real estate investing for some time know that the formula for success relations on being able to work in the real estate field at more than one level.

The reason for this is that real estate, by nature, is very volatile. To rely on exactly one strategy or one area is akin to putting all our eggs in one basket and no real estate investor worth his salt wants to be put out like that which is why if you are really serious about making money in real estate and leasing the nine-to-five routine behind you will want to work in at least three areas simultaneously.

First, naturally, you will work alone, closing deals on either single-family dwellings or multi-family dwellings depending on the investment strategy you have decided to follow (and how to choose and why is a subject complex enough to warrant an article on its own so I will not even touch on it here).

At the same time you will want to have set up the way you work so that you can become aware of emerging, domestic, real estate markets at a stage that is early enough for you to take advantage of them, get in there, close the deals and get out as the market matures and profits begin to dwindle.

Then, as a final step, you will have to work with Syndicate real estate investments which will allow you to minimize the risks involved as far as your stake is concerned and still get the money you need to close deals and make money for yourself and those in the Syndicate you are fronting.

The reason you need to have all three strands in your bow is that, by working this way, you ensure that you are recession-proof and capable of making money irrespective of the state of the market.

Real estate investing does not require a degree in astrophysics in order to succeed provided you are quick to diversify, are able to develop a networked way of working that alerts you to good deals, can apply common sense and a certain flare for creative thinking when it brings to closing deals that maximize the profit involved and are not afraid to work in a focused, controlled manner.

What you will end up with is probably the best job in the world where you choose how long and how hard you want to work, can take holidays whenever you want and end up doing a lot of good by helping the economy and creating wealth for all those concerned.