Tips For Using Real Estate Signs To Generate Buyer Interest

Is it possible to sell a home without a for sale sign? Well, it is if you intend to sell it to your closest relative. Otherwise, neglecting to properly advertise your home will cost you those interested buyers.

While it is a good idea to place a "for sale" sign in front of your home, try to avoid those signs that the local hardware store sells (you know, the orange and white ones). Instead, think of creative and inventive ways to advertise the fact that your home is for sale. While you may not have the budget to hire a professional sign maker, you can certainly find some eye-catching signs online. Once you have that sign stuck into your front yard, do not stop there.

Most people simply place one sign on their front yard, and cross their fingers hoping that some prospective buyer will drive by and notice it. Unless you live on the side of a very busy highway, this tactic will not work. Rather than relying upon that good old front yard, think about the back yard, the end of the street, the lamp posts that line the street, and any busy intersection near your home. Place signs in all of these spots, and you can almost guarantee that a couple hundred people will see your sign as they drive by. Then again, once your sign has been spotted, you'll want to make sure that any interested party can actually find your home.

There are two ways to approach properly marking your home's address on a sign, and both ways are highly recommended. First, make sure that your address is clearly labeled. Far too often, homeowners mark their address on a sign using minuscule print. Sure, your regular handwriting may be fine if a driver has the time to stop, pull over to the side of the road, and walk up to your sign in order to write down the proper street number … but this is highly unlikely. Make sure to use large stencils in order to showcase your home's address on the sign. Second, place signs all along the road leading to your home.

Now, you need not follow Hansel and Gretel's example by placing signs every two feet in order to help a buyer find your home. Rather, place signs every few blocks to help buyers locate your house. Once a buyer has the time to return to your street and find your home, they will then decide whether or not to give you a call (do not forget to place contact information on the sign as well – clearly!).

Signs are helpful in every way when it comes to selling your home. Whatever you do, do not forget to advertise your home properly. While that front yard sign may look great from your neighbor's perspective, it will not draw in outside traffic. Keep your signs in mind, and you'll sell that home in no time.