What Are The Best Toys For 1 Year Old Boys?

Cuddly stuffed animals, colorful blocks, noisy battery operated cars, or activity mats, which one are the best toys for 1 year old? When parents buy toys they would want to choose those items that their child would like and would still be good for their development. This blog helps you find the right playthings that would tickle the imagination of your child either by themselves or with other people.

Parents should base the objects they would want to buy in accordance with their little one's developmental stages. In this case those that could support and help their motor and language skills. Interactive ones are a good choice as they can manipulate it to their own liking like slowly learning that they have dropped, pushed, or put together something.

To develop their motor development, fetching items are one of the safest and they are more practical. Examples of these are soft playthings like dolls or plushies that your toddler can wobble their way to get it for you. Give them objects that they can explore around with like trucks and doll dresses. Tinkering with some features actually allows them to see what they can do and gradually expanding their point of thinking and their imagination, which in return practices their cognitive abilities.

Just do not forget to never give items to your little one who small parts can be taken off or rolled off. Your toddler may choke on it since small parts are easy for them to pop inside their tiny mouths.

If you want to enhance their educational milestones, then the best toys for 1 year old are big blocks, some cloth books and stack rings. There is no secret formula actually but if you want to keep your toddler busy, buy things in a variety of colors and shapes.

Cloth books are safe since your little one can not tear them and swallow it. It contains big pictures that attract the eye of your child easily. While blocks and stack rings challenges their eye hand coordination.

Dominating the list, the best toys for 1 year old is actually that has something to do with music. Musical toys and activity mats actually gives out different sounds of things and animals. Toddlers at this age are like sponges, they would absorb and try to imitate whatever they hear especially those in a frequent basis. These then helps their speech, and in a way train their language skills little by little. Buying musical items that have a lot of lights can easily attract attention too as it grabs the eyes of your child fast and without a hassle.

Shopping for toys is actually quite happy. All it needs is some basic facts of what you should know about your child's development is a good basis in selecting gifts for your children. You just have to choose carefully.