What is a Home Theater in a Box?

If you are acquiring home theater for the very first time and do not know a lot about electronics or are unwilling to take the time to put together a system in stages then a home theater in a box may be a excellent way to get on track . The comparative ease of setting up the system is the reason why it is the largest growth product in the audio category and why it is growing to be quite fashionable with the majority of consumers.

The term is given to all-in-one digital audio systems, which usually consist of a progressive scan DVD player, radio receiver, digital surround sound amplifier, speakers and a powered sub-woofer. In fact, it gives you everything except the big screen TV.

When considering a purchase however, there are a number of recommended pointers to be made. Some systems have a propensity to cut corners on speaker assembly and quality, when compared to separate unit systems and are intended for home cinema use more than for listening to music. You may possibly be disappointed, if you are a serious listener to music, with the performance of most home theater-in-box systems, that may not deliver the pure power that you might need for a larger room.

However, since it's introduction, it has quickly caught on with consumers hungry for a convenient, easy-to-understand compilation. The biggest benefit offered is simplicity, it's easy to install and use and, for the most part, all of the required connection cables are provided. Budget wise these systems in a box can strike a balance between sound quality and cost and although there exists a wide price range, a home theater in a box can start for as little as a couple hundred dollars. More importantly, for the consumer, there are many brands available.

Conversely a custom system is a lot more expensive and you may even have to employ someone to help you with the installation of the equipment since it can be a difficult task for beginners.

For anyone who needs an uncomplicated surround sound system, or lacks the budget for a big and elaborate system, home-theater-in-a-box is a remedy. It is also a solution if space is at a premium or a second system is required for a second room.

The wonderful feature about these systems is that you know that everything you require to get up and running is all there. So if you're looking to get started easily and without a lot of trouble you may want to look at a home theater in a box for quick and easy entry into the world of home theater. For you, it could be perfect solution.