Which Are the Best Toys for 2 Year Olds?

This is by far the cutest age and the best toys for 2 year olds are the ones that set them on a peaceful happy learning path. This is why I completely dislike guns and robots, and would much rather have something that could actually grow on the 2 year olds. Here's a selection …

Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

A Wood Clock with colorful shaped numbers it helps to learn to tell time. While 2 year olds may be just learning numbers, learning to tell the time is a practical use of numbers and so they will assimilate faster.

Moreover this toy combines shape sorting and telling time … so that's two toys in one! The clock has 12 brightly colored shapes, one for each number of the clock, which toddlers can take out and replace. The hands are of 2 different colors and printed under them are numbers so your child can find what numbers go where. Also printed are the seconds and minutes in 5 minute pie shaped increments – also of different colors. All in all, pretty complete and interactive.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy

Oooh shoow-chweet would be your response but your baby can actually use a puppy to learn AB-Cs, 1-2-3's and parts of the body. Plus sing along to ten favorite songs and games! The dog bone collar lights up to music as it plays games and sings songs.

You will prefer this puppy to other learning toys because it has both learning and musical modes, which are selected by pressing the button on its foot. The other foot, both hands, an ear, tummy and nose play sounds or songs when pressed. The puppy identifies body parts, colors and sings fun songs. It is very colorful, and has a volume control too, on its back. What's more, 2 year olds find it very easy to push the buttons.

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set

This magnetic letter set introduces children to letter names and sounds using big, bright letters that are easy for little fingers to grasp … to help develop fine motor skills. They can sing along to the Alphabet Song while playful phonics help children remember the sound each letter makes.

It's great that this toy can be stuck to the fridge in the kitchen so you can cook or clean while the little one plays. She can bang it a few times and it still works great! Clearly among the best toys for 2 year olds.