Which Hat Suits My Head?

A Hat is basically worn to protect our head and eyes from the sun burning. However, today hat is also used as a fashionable accessory that will give a better look with your outfit. Concerning this topic, we write this article to give you some information about hat in various types.

We start with newsboy cap which is also known as the Gatsby hat. These terms are derived from a novel titled “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This type of hat is made of wool, tweed or some other thick materials. With newsboy cap you will look more casual. That is why it is usually used for informal occasion. The characteristic of this cap is a button put on the top.

We move on another type of hat. You must have ever heard of bucket hat. This one is also known as fishing hat since it is usually used for casual occasion, such as fishing. You can also use it for any other outdoor activities since it is excellent in protecting your eyes from the sun. As it is so called, the form of this hat resembles a bucket in which the wide brims of the hat points downward. This type of hat is usually made of cotton, wool, or denim.

Now it is time to talk about beret. This type of hat is usually used in military. You can wear a beret for informal occasion. This hat is sometimes associated with artistry and anything sophisticated. Based on the form and usage, today’s beret is artistic rather than functional. Some people wear it merely as an accessory to match the outfits. For material, it is commonly made of wool or cashmere, or any other clothes. The characteristic of this hat lies on its round shape.

Next, we discuss a hat which has been popular since 1800s. Shaped with a round brim, derby is basically worn to protect head and eyes from sun while riding a horse. The typical color of this hat is black or dark brown. While derby gives some classic sense, fedora comes as the most stylish and modern type of hat. This hat is usually made of soft material, sometimes adorned with a wide band of fabric around it. Designers recommend this hat for fashionable look.