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Fire Extinguishers – The Best Types

Laws of different countries the world over require that buildings must have fire extinguishers located at designated points. This legislation has been put in place as a protective measure since fire can start any time just like any other accident. In many countries, fire is classified as a natural calamity. It is for this reason that many insurance companies offer insurance covers against fire. One must however ensure measures are in place to protect against fire, a fact that must be ascertained before seeking compensation from an insurance company.

Different types of fire extinguishers exist in the market today. Of note is that one should only use fire extinguishers to put off small fires. Fires that are colossal and can pose life dangers on the person using a fire extinguisher should not be put off using fire extinguishers. This type of fire should be put off using large commercial water cannons or fire engines. Portability is an important quality of fire extinguishers due to their use in extinguishing small fires.

Most fire extinguishers are cylindrical with heavy metallic materials being used to make them. The cylinder usually contains fire extinguishing agents such as water or carbon dioxide. Pressure within the chamber enables the extinguishing agent to come out easily during the process of fighting fire. Since the extinguisher is operated by hand, it should be light. Portability should therefore be considered alongside strength of material used to make the extinguisher.
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There are two types of fire extinguishers in the market. The stored pressure extinguisher is the first type. This type of extinguisher usually has the repellant and the fire fighting agent being in the same chamber. It is very commonly used in different parts of the world. The cartridge operated extinguisher is the second one. In this category, there is a separate cartridge that holds the extinguishing agent. This is however not common due to the complexity of having two different equipment to be used to fight fire.
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Commercial fire extinguishers can also be classified as hand-held or cart-pushed. The classification is based on methods of relocating the extinguisher from place to place. For example, there are fire extinguishers that can be carried easily by one person during fire fighting exercises. Such fire extinguishers are called hand-held extinguishers and this actually makes them very popular in different parts of the world. Carts are used to ferry cart-pushed extinguishers which are normally large and heavy. The extra weight of the cart-pushed fire extinguishers can be attributed to them having more fire extinguishing agents. Commercial fire extinguisher stores will most of the time stock all these types of extinguishers.