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Advantages of Using Outdoor Wood Furnaces

The choice of heating your home with either electricity, propane or oil enhances the convenience of a home owner, which is why outdoor wood furnaces are not for everybody. But they do have a niche in the central heating market and this niche is well filled. There are lot of long term benefit on an outdoor wood furnace and if you happen to be in the right circumstances which means that you can access to wood and you have space to install a furnace, then these long term benefits can be all yours. Most of the utility bills for your home can then be eliminated. Outdoor wood furnaces are able to heat several buildings at once like your garage, and a shed, but if your outdoor wood furnace is upgraded with good installation, then you can even heat several homes together. There are not many heating systems that are able to do that.

This can perhaps be ideal for people living in the rural areas, but you don’t need to relocate in the middle of the woods to be able to have an outdoor wood furnace.

Now, when you fit into this niche, outdoor burning furnace is not an installation you want to be sparing with since there are several designs that vary greatly. Some furnaces are designed for better heating efficiency which only allows for the required amount of heat but there are others that are also designed for greater amounts of heat. You should also give careful consideration to the structure of your outdoor furnace and its insulation because if there are less efficient features it will lead to heat loss because outdoor furnaces are exposed to the outside. There are dozens of factors that will determine your outdoor furnace overall performance, but the furnace door and a good exhaust system are paramount.

Like all other heating systems, you need to make sure that your home has a good overall insulation rating so that you will know how much fuel you will need to heat your home. If your home does not have good insulation it can either increase your monthly bills or if you are using an outdoor furnace, you need to spend more time gathering wood to feed to your furnace.

Depending on the model of your furnace, its quality and longevity will vary greatly. Don’t expect your furnace to last long if it is of poor quality or a low-end product, and if it is poorly maintained, then it will surely not last long. But on the other side of the coin, a high-end furnace that is properly maintained can last indefinitely.

In order to make your furnace last, the key to proper maintenance is a regular inspection and occasional cleaning to remove rust and a by-product of burning wood which is called creosote.
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